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| Welcome to CoolerBnB (skatepark/sound studio) |

The Cooler BnB was inspired by a visit to Sevilla, Spain, where artist communes are tucked away within unsuspecting buildings. In one such place, you walk into a humble coffee shop with a small stage in the corner that curves into another room with a larger stage. This opens up into a classy bar room with a bigger stage that finally evolves into an outside bar with an even bigger outdoor space. It is amazing to behold and the energy is palpable.

In St. Louis, you will find a classic 1 1/2 story home with six foot piers leading the steps to the front door. There are drop-ins from the porch to skate off the piers, over the sidewalk and into Southwest Avenue. Inside, the Cooler has a recording studio, entertainment center, skateboard shop, three bedrooms with 1 1/2 baths, laundry and a killer kitchen. Heading out back, there is an outdoor, fully finished concrete park with bowls sponsored by Tedderstone, the Jaws Drop, the Wall of Death and the Pourtal - Missouri's first loopable full pipe.

Ace Toth - Cooler BnB (Official Music Video)
Dollar Bin Bangahz - J Toth From Hoth (Planet Score Records)
Cooler BnB Tour

| Rules & Rates |

Only love is allowed here. We are batting 1.000 so far.
Make it happen, and you will be invited back.
Clean up after yourself and respect all.

1. Skate the park (just buy product from our store) - $20 minimum.
2. Rent park (outdoor party + bathroom) - $50 per person - $200 min.
3. Rent the house (bnb overnight/party) - $100 per person - $1000 min.
4. Rent property for event (video/promo) - $100 per person - $2000 min.

| Email Us |

Any questions, let's talk it out. We have custom options available for all skateboarders. Please submit the form below to inquire about reserving CoolerBnB. Thank you kindly!